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Summer Eats: 5 Seasonal Foods and Healthy Recipes

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Summer fruits and vegetables are now in season and suddenly plates are a lot more colorful and jam-packed with delicious whole foods. This season is known for lots of favorites including berries and watermelon, but we’ve found five lesser known fruits and vegetables to enjoy the next few weeks.

1. Apricots

These velvety stone fruits are full of vitamin C to help your immune system. They also get their orange color from beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body which helps keep your eyes sharp. We love eating apricots as a dessert. Fed and Fit has a great recipe for Apricot Bars made with almond meal, coconut sugar and shredded coconut.

2. Bell Peppers

These  peppers are full of vitamin C to boost your immune system and make your foods colorful! These sweet and bold vegetables are crunchy when eaten raw and sweet and soft when roasted in the oven.  Add more of these to your diet by chopping them up and adding them to your eggs or cutting off the tops and stuffing them with your favorite protein and vegetables.

3. Cherries

Cherries are a sweet way to get the electrolyte, potassium, which can help lower your risk for high blood pressure. They’re great to eat as a snack or quick dessert. Eat them on their own or in a simple dessert like this chia cherry pudding made with coconut milk. They have a pretty brief season so get them before they are gone!

4. Tomatoes

These tasty fruits are super versatile and contain as many vitamins as there are ways to use them. They are famous for their vitamin C as well as lycopene, which acts as an antioxidant. If you want to stay simple, you can roast them and serve them on chicken or a salad. They are also great as appetizers like this paleo caprese salad. Tomatoes are very easy to freeze so if you’re a fan, you can buy in bulk while they are on sale and save some for the winter.

5. Eggplant

These purple vegetables don’t see a ton of love, but the antioxidants in eggplant have been found to protect cells, especially brain cells, from damage. NomNom Paleo has a great recipe for eggplant stacks with macadamia nut “ricotta.” It is the perfect appetizer for your summer meal. See the recipe here.

Which foods are you eating this summer? What are you favorite summer recipes?