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How A Games Athlete Recovers Between Workouts

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We talk a lot about recovery on the Puori blog and we love being able to give you tips, food and drink suggestions, protein shake recipes and supplements you can take that can help speed up your muscle recovery. But how do elite athletes manage to recover when they workout multiple times per day and compete in 2-3 extreme WODs during competitions? We talked to Games competitor and Puori  athlete Joe Scali to see what he does.

How to Recover Between Workouts


Visualization is key to prepare for events. I visualize myself doing the WOD and doing it well. When you take the field, it feels like I’ve have already done the workout multiple times. I also like having fun and joking around other competitors to help ease the stress.

Post-WOD Nutrition

My fiancé does all my sports nutrition and has all my post-WOD meals prepared so I’m a pretty lucky guy. White Rice, chicken and salsa is my favorite. As far as supplements go, I take every product that Puori offers for the past two years. Having PW1 protein on hand as well as packets of PP3 packs of fish oil, magnesium and vitamin D are easy to take between events.


Mobility was one of the turning points of my career. I suffered a lot of injuries in my hockey career, especially to my shoulders. I spend time between workouts mobilizing the muscles I just worked. To mobilize my shoulders I do banded stretches, use a lacrosse ball and a dowel. For mobility exercises, click here.

Have Fun 

I train numerous hockey athletes from a young age to a professional level and I use social media to keep in touch. I love posting funny things on Instagram and I try not to take life too seriously.