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A Day of Food With Games Athlete Brooke Ence

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The countdown to the Games is on! Only two more weeks until the CrossFit Games take place in Carson, CA. We’ve been in touch with our sponsored athletes to see how they’ve been preparing. We recently talked to Brooke Ence to find out how an athlete eats while they are training for the Games.

From the looks of it, Brooke is focusing on meals with an almost 1:1 carbs to protein ratio with just slightly more carbs. She is eating several paleo meals a day, but with added grains like her English muffin and cereal. When we talked to Brooke she said, “I intentionally leave enough macro nutrients for the evening because I know I love to have cereal and/or greek yogurt. I’m working on not leaving TOO much for dinner time, because sometimes I leave too much and I end up under eating that day. Practice makes perfect!”

8:30 am Breakfast

6 scrambled egg whites with mushrooms, zucchini, peppers

2 strips bacon

A dry english muffin

Brooke Breakfast

12:30 pm Lunch

Paleo Nick Tri Tip (35 g Protein , 7 g fat )

145 g of Fingerling potatoes

5:00 pm Snack

Protein bar

8:00 pm Dinner

Paleo Nick Thai Turkey Throwdown ( 21g Protein, 27 g carbs, 7 g fat )

After Dinner Snack

Non-fat Greek yogurt ( 21g protein, 7 g carbs) mixed with some PB2 Powder

a serving of my favorite cereal (Usually adding about 30 g of carbs)