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Do You Have Any Of These Bad Gym Habits?

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To get the most out of your workouts, you want to be focused, positive and committed to your program. Each day you get to the gym is a chance to improve your fitness, health and well-being.

The first step to improving is building awareness. Take a look at yourself and your actions so that you can see what you want to work on. We can’t get better unless we know what’s important to improve. Do you have any of these bad gym habits? Which ones are you ready to work on and change?

1. Using Negative Language (In Your Head or to Yourself)

Are you often talking down to yourself or constantly telling yourself you’re not good enough, fast enough, strong enough?

2. Using Negative Language (Out Loud)

Are you regularly complaining about the gym, the program or the coaching? Do you gossip or speak badly about others or about your own abilities?

3. Focusing on Everything But What You’re Doing

Do you ever find yourself dillydallying and wasting time before, during or after your workouts? Even social media can be a huge distraction. Talking or thinking about the past or the future instead of what’s right in front of you might be holding you back.

4. Avoiding Coaching or Feedback

Do you often appear close-minded and unwilling to listen to suggestions from training partners or knowledgeable mentors? Do you purposely stay away from coaches as to avoid tips and cues in the gym?

5. Boasting

Are you constantly talking about your amazing score or how much you can lift? Are you consumed with expressing how you’re better than others or that you’ve beat someone in a workout?

6. Displaying Poor Body Language

Do you appear unapproachable, cocky, distracted or negative with your facial expressions or how you’re carrying yourself? If something doesn’t go quite how you wanted it to in training, are you quick to throw a tantrum or to hang your head?

7. Rushing or Cutting Reps Short

Do you put so much emphasis on moving quickly that you shorten your reps? Do you just want to get things over with versus taking the time to do them right and improve on the movement?

If you want to consistently feel like you’re getting better, then you’ll want to understand what could be holding you back. Know that you are more than enough just as you are, yet you can always learn new things about yourself on this journey.

First, identify what it is that you want to improve. Maybe you see a gap in your training or your mindset. You might realize that something is weighing you down. It’s important that you become aware of what exactly you want to change. You can start right now by making a list of what you’d like to improve (both mentally and physically). It’s important that you know yourself and can see where your weaknesses are.

Second, understand your gaps. If you’re always speaking negatively to yourself, know when, how and why. If you’re having trouble with a movement, seek coaching to find out what you could do better. Recognize why it’s important to you to change a certain habit. You can start now by working with a coach or a training partner who can help you learn more about yourself. If you want to be the best you possible, you have to start digging in and understanding why you have certain thought or movement patterns.

Third, make changes. After you know what you want to change and why you aren’t as successful as you’d like to be, then you can begin to try new strategies. Remember, not everything that you implement is going to work like magic the first time. You will need to practice and learn as you continue to work on your skills. You’ll want to be proactive but also patient as you challenge yourself to make improvements.

It’s important to understand that real change takes time and effort. Follow this process so that you can get the most out of yourself and your workouts!