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14 Questions with Olympic Athlete Stina Troest

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We’re excited to welcome runner Stina Troest to Team PurePharma! Soon she’ll be running for Denmark in the Olympics where she’ll be competing in the 400-meter hurdle and 800-meter run. Keep an eye out for this speedster — she’s going for the Gold!

How did you get started with running?

My family is a one big sports family. I grew up with my parents running track and field and my two older brothers playing soccer. I started when I was three years old because my mother was starting up a team for kids. So you might say that I started because of my family.

I also did a lot of other sport like badminton, handball, swimming and dancing – but when it all became too much I decided for myself that I had to pick one sport and it became track and field.

What kind of different training do you do?

My training is about a lot of things and it depends on what season or period I am in, but I do a lot of sprints and endurance intervals, I do weight training, TRX training, hurdle training, running technique and cardio training.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up between 6.30-7.00AM then I actually go for breakfast and a good cup of coffee right away. I love my breakfast!

Then I do a lot of studying – If I am not going to school I can be studying for 5-6 hours at home or at my favorite café in Copenhagen. When I am in school it’s typically from 9.15AM to 4PM.

Then when I have the time I will have therapy/treatment – to fixing my body. I’m usually very sore from either competitions or training. I have my training sessions from 5.00-7.30PM and then I go home, eat dinner and straight to bed.

You are going to the Olympics in Rio – how does that feel?

It’s a relief that I have been selected to compete at the Olympics and of course, it feels great! I think it hasn’t fully hit me yet.

You come from a very athletic family – both of your brothers play football and your parents are previous athletics, are you all very competitive?

Very competitive! I think my boyfriend was shocked the first time he was with my family at a game night. But I think we got it under control now compared to when we were younger and we had a match in badminton in our backyard we could easily get in a fight!

Do you have a recovery ritual?

It depends on my mood. But I love to go out for coffee, be together with my family, friends or my boyfriend.

You father is also your coach – how does that work?

I think it’s great. He knows me very well and we get along on the track and that’s of course why he is my coach.

What’s one weakness you’re currently working on?

Actually, this was one of the questions I didn’t know how to answer, so of course I asked my mom. She thinks that I sometimes have too much on my shoulders or too many things I have said yes to and it ends up leaving me stressed. Sometimes I have to reschedule a lot of things because I haven’t the time to do it all on one day. This is something I definitely have to work on!

You have been running since you were very young – what motivates you?

Good results motivate me a lot! And of course to stand on the track in front of a crowd and just feel the rush in my body and to do what I love. I have some small-term goals and long-term goals that make me keep fighting and motivated. My small-term goals can be finishing a tough training session or do a certain time on my races or compete

I have some small-term goals and long-term goals that make me keep fighting and motivated. My small-term goals can be finishing a tough training session or getting a certain time on my races or to compete at the big championships like Europeans and World Championships. And of course The Olympics. And my long-term goals are to medal at to these Championships!

What is your diet like? Do you follow a strict diet?

No, I don’t. I try to eat healthy of course but I am not cutting away any proteins, fat or carbohydrates, I need it all 🙂

What’s your favorite PurePharma product?

That is difficult to answer I love all of them. But probably PurePharma-3 that combines 03 Fish Oil, Vitamin D3 and M3 Magnesium in the daily package! In this one, I get everything I need to stay healthy, plus it’s so easy to bring with my on my travels. I take it every morning with my breakfast.

What’s your favorite treat meal?

Ice cream definitely.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of working out?

Drinking coffee, going out for meals, going for a bike ride in Copenhagen. Being with my family and friends.

What are the 3 things you can’t leave home without?

My phone, my wallet (which include one or two purepharma-3) and my running shoes 😉