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Julie Foucher Talks Micronutrients with PurePharma Founders

This week on Julie Foucher’s podcast, she talks to PurePharma co-founders Oliver Amdrup and Julius Heslet. They talk about everything from how the co-founders got into CrossFit, where the idea for PurePharma originated, the four cornerstones of a good life and what to look for when choosing a supplement.

Watch and listen to learn more about PurePharma, micronutrients and the role of supplements in a health diet. Have questions? Reach out to us on Instagram or Twitter.

Julie Foucher Podcast

“We had this kind of annoyance that the quality of the foods and the state of…what we as human beings were nourishing ourselves with was just not good enough.” – Julius Heslet, co-founder of PurePharma


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