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Learn the Snatch With Diane Fu

Diane Fu is an Olympic weightlifter and founder of Fu Barbell. Recently, she came to our offices in Sausalito, California to demonstrate proper form on the snatch. Watch the video below to see the whole movement and stay tuned next week for the clean and jerk.

Learn the Snatch With Diane Fu

After a day of filming, we talked to Diane, who broke down the movements even further. See her coaching cues for each part of the movement and use her tips to improve your snatch.

snatch 1

Remember that your body moves in the direction of where you’re looking. Keep your chin and eyes up. Your body must remain stable but as relaxed as possible. You need to use power but have to be relaxed to move fluidly.

Find balance on the midfoot. Make sure your center is between your heels and the ball of your feet. Your shoulders should be slightly in front of the bar. Hips should be slightly above the knees. Make sure to use the hookgrip. You should feel your quads loaded.

snatch 2


Here you are initiating the first pull. Your feet should push through the floor to bring the bar off the floor. Keep pressure in your quads — the bar should still stay centered. Knees should still be slightly bent.



As the bar passes your knees, your legs and hips should fully open, delivering power to the barbell and pushing the bar up. Your lats continue to pull on the bar to stay connected. The athlete should use the inertia of the bar to pull themselves down.

snatch 4

The barbell should move as vertically as the body will allow it to do so naturally as you stand up. Your weight should still be centered in the midfoot.