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The Clean and Jerk With Diane Fu

We recently met with Olympic weightlifting coach and founder of FuBarbell Diane Fu. She first showed us the basics of the snatch, before moving on to the clean and jerk. Watch the video below for the full movement, and read on for her tips.

The Clean and Jerk With Diane Fu

Remember that your body moves in the direction of where you’re looking. Keep your chin and eyes up. Your body must remain stable but as relaxed as possible. You need to use power but have to be relaxed to move fluidly.

Find balance on the midfoot. Make sure your center is between your heels and the ball of your feet. Your shoulders should be slightly in front of the bar. Hips should be slightly above the knees. Make sure to use the hookgrip. You should feel your quads loaded.


Use your legs to push up into power position. Your elbows and lats continue to use inertia to put yourself under the bar. Remember to reposition your hands as you come up.


Keep your chest and elbows up as you recover. Reset with a breath.

clean and jerk gif

Use your arms with a focus on the elbows to drive underneath the bar to lock out. Dip down low enough to feel the load of the quads and then extend fully up to use your body to drive the barbell off of your shoulders.

clean and jerk diane fu gif

For stability, start with your front foot back and then your back foot forward.