2016 Year in Review

2016 has been an exciting year. Between our healthy future kickstart in January, advice from Julie Foucher in the CrossFit Open, our commitment to #GetOutside in April, fun at the CrossFit Regionals and Games and a focus on recovery this fall, it’s been busy and we’ve learned a lot about health.

In case you missed it, we’ve compiled the most popular blogs and resources so you can start 2017 off on the right foot. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the most up to date information from PurePharma.

PurePharma’s Year in Review

Physical Activity

By far, our most popular blog of any category was 5 Things Your CrossFit Coach Won’t Tell You. In it, Coach Michael Lanwehr explains that there are some things about CrossFit that you can’t know until you actually try it and outlines the five things that your coach may not even tell you about getting started with the sport.

Other honorable mentions:

•    How to Do Burpees: The Right and Wrong Way: A CrossFit coach breaks down the most common issues with burpees and the correct form.
•    10 Ways to Start Building Muscle Today: A look at 10 essential tips for when you want to build muscle.
•    Common Misconceptions About CrossFit: Coach Kim Lambiase writes about the common issues people have with CrossFit when they’re only exposed to the professional sport.
•    14 Things You Think About Before a Competition: A humorous look at what runs through your head before competing in GIF form.


Recovery is consistently a popular topic around here and this year, the most popular post was on Recovery Myths Busted. Writer Grace Zuccarello takes a look at the most common recovery myths and the research to set the record straight.

Other honorable mentions:

•    Sleep Easy: The Connection Between Sleep and Performance: Alex McMahon takes a look at the evidence for why sleep may be the most important key to recovery.
•    The Best Time to Take Your Supplements: Nutrition is an important part of recovery and writer Ryan Carey explains the best times to take them so you can optimize your nutrition.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is key and everyone seems to be looking for the most convenient way to eat healthy! Our top post related to healthy eating is Healthy Lunch Ideas You Can Bring on the Go by Coach Jason Ackerman. He describes easy lunch ideas that you can take to work, to the gym or wherever life takes you.

Other honorable mentions:

•    8 Healthy Crockpot Recipes for Fall: Nutrition student Danielle Reynolds-Flatt compiles a list of her favorite fall slow cooker recipes.
•    How to Support Your Immune System Naturally: Antibiotics are sometimes necessary to treat an infection but in the process, they can destroy the good bacteria in your gut. Writer Ryan Carey examines the natural ways you can keep your immune system strong.
•    Southwest Beef and Egg Muffins: This delicious breakfast recipe from Amee Livingston is great to put together to start the week.
•    Quick and Easy Cauliflower Fried Rice: This healthy take on a classic takeout from Zoe Raissakis is a PurePharma favorite.


Staying balanced in your health is never easy. Sometimes on our health journey, we make slip ups and PurePharma is here to help you back to health. When it comes to balance, our most popular post was How to Get Back on Track After Overindulging. Health coach and Nutritionist Erin Dubich writes about four ways to take care of yourself after you’ve gotten off track.

Other honorable mentions:

•    5 Ways You May Be Wasting Time in the Gym: Mentality coach Dawn Fletcher takes a look at how simple acts may be wasting your time and energy.
•    3 Tips for More Mental Clarity: We could all use a little more clarity. Erin Dubich writes about three simple ways to stay mentally sharp.