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Run Like an Olympian: 2 Workouts With Stina Troest

We talked to Olympic runner Stina Troest about what some of her training looks like and how we too can run like Olympians. Her training often includes short bursts of very fast running followed by periods of jogging. Here’s a closer look at how Troest gets and stays in tip top shape.

How to Run Like an Olympian

A Typical Saturday Training

“The group will meet up 10:30 in Dyrehaven (a forest in Copenhagen) and we start with a 2-3km warm-up. After the warm-up we have two sets of intervals: 10x30x30sec. This means that we run fast for 30 seconds and our rest is 30 seconds of jogging.

The last interval sessions have been 10×2 minutes and we probably run about 15 to 18 kilometers on this day including the warm-up. After the intervals we have 3-5 hill runs.”

A Typical Thursday Training at the Track

“The group meets 6:00 p.m. at the track where we go for a run 2-3 kilometers. Then we have some stretching and a few exercises and different drills. Sometimes we also do a bunch of hurdle drills. We do maybe 3-5 strides, 60 meters. And then we start our intervals. It could be 500m-500m-500m with 1.5min rest + 10x200m with 1min rest between.


500m-500m-500m with 1/5min rest + 8x300m with 1min rest between.

Both are very intense with not so much rest.”

What are your favorite running workouts?