Get A Week’s Worth Of PurePharma-3 for Free

Lots of you have asked for a way to try samples of our products before you commit to a full package or prescription. This week we launched A Week’s Worth — a free PurePharma trial of our most popular product and subscription, PurePharma-3.

When you order, you get seven of our PurePharma daily packs for the cost of shipping. Each daily pack contains your dose of O3 fish oil, M3 magnesium-zinc and Vitamin D3. This trio works together to maintain immune function, strengthen your bones, relax your muscles and help maintain a healthy heart and brain.

By ordering your free trial, you’ll be enrolled to our monthly subscription. Don’t worry – we’ll send you an email reminder with the option to postpone or cancel if you don’t love PurePharma-3 (although we’re sure you will!).

Get Your Free Week