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Probiotic Green Juice Recipe (Video)

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This delicious green smoothie gives you a good serving of greens and probiotics. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.


In the PurePharma offices in both Copenhagen and San Francisco, we have an afternoon snack time that serves to keep our team fueled and to provide a short social break for further collaboration between teams. This probiotic green juice recipe is one of our favorites on the snack rotation. It’s got a little natural sugar from the bananas and the avocado will help keep you feel until your next meal, but it’s a super greens focused drink. We always add in SB3 to get probiotics, prebiotics and vitamin C and it adds a tart cranberry flavor.

Probiotic Green Juice Recipe


1 1/2 c water

2 frozen bananas

1 c ice

1/2 avocado

2 c kale

Juice of 1 lemon

2 sticks of SB3 Synbiotic


Add ingredients to blender and blend well. Enjoy.


You can always add other greens and vegetables you have on hand like spinach, parsley or greens supplements like our Greens G3. We also like this drink with turmeric or ginger in addition to lemon. Sometimes we¬†add a little bit of bee pollen. Once our newest product is out, we’ll surely add it to the water in this smoothie.

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