Team Puori at Regionals

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This year, we’re sending two of our own to Regionals! Gabe and Veronika are both members of our sales team and will be competing together on TJ’s team at the California Regional this weekend. Hear from them on how they’ve prepared.

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Puori at Regionals

What is your number one training tip?

Veronika: Surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you and will push you to get stronger and faster.

Gabe: Train with people that make it fun. You will never be able to push yourself or get as much out of your programming if you do it alone. Yes, programming is important but the people you do that programming with is what is most important!

What’s your mantra?

V: Just have fun! Don’t take anything too seriously and learn from all the good and bad experiences.

G: Everyone that has trained with me knows that it’s, “LET’S GOOOO!”

Who’s your biggest motivator?

V: The team — I don’t want to let them down. I want to get stronger and fitter so that I can be a better teammate.

G: I have a great coach and group of friends back home in New York that I stay in contact with every single day and talk about training. They motivate me day in and day out. It’s also a great way to stay close with my friends despite moving across the country.

How do you define success in terms of Regionals?

V: Knowing that after each event, we left everything out there on the competition floor. Being in the top heat would be pretty cool as well.

G: My goal is to enjoy the experience. This is my first time competing at Regionals and I don’t expect it to be my last. For now, I don’t really have expectations or defined success. I just want to go in, give it my all, have fun and enjoy Memorial Day weekend in San Diego once it is all said and done.

How does balance play out in your life?

V: Balance is very important! If you work hard, then you deserve a little fun. For me, that means eating some good food — BBQ and some fresh chocolate chip cookies or ice cream. Or tacos and margaritas depending on my mood. 😉

G: A full time job with Puori, coaching at TJ’s Gym on weekends and training for Regionals has been challenging but training is such an enjoyable part of my life that balance comes pretty easy for me.

How has your training changed since the Open?

V: We’ve been incorporating way more team related training sessions and partner/team workouts. We’ve also been focusing a lot on movements that are typically seen at Regionals (HSPUs, pull-ups, oly lifting, etc.).

G: We have been doing a lot more volume and high skills work to prepare. The Open and Regionals are two completely different tests and training has changed to match that. Luckily my coach from back home, Dennis Marshall, has been great at guiding me through it all. And obviously our weekends have been full of team workouts to prepare and practice communication and synchronized movements.

What’s your recovery routine?

V: I have two recovery/active recovery days. On these days I’ll try to do some easy aerobic work or light skill work and mobilization. I try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. My Puori supplements are a must! O3, D3 and SB3 are taken at lunch. PW1 just after a workout and M3 is taken right before bed. The M3 has been a game changer! I sleep so much better now that I take magnesium before bed.

G: With team training taking up both days of the weekend, my rest days are now Mondays and Thursdays. Monday I usually do active recovery, which is usually a longer, easy aerobic session to flush out the body after the weekend. Thursday I usually take a full rest day or try my best to go for a hike or do something outdoors. Mobility is something I try to do for at least 10 minutes nightly before bed and a minimum of eight hours of sleep is non-negotiable. I wake up pretty early so this means a 9:00 to 9:30 bedtime which takes some getting used to.

I also take two to three servings of Puori O3 a day and two servings of M3 (one in the morning and one before bed to help with sleep) as part of my recovery routine.  I’ll have a PW1 shake after I workout. A lot of people also don’t realize how important greens are for recovery so I add G3 to my post-workout shake as well to combat the oxidative stress from training.

Best thing about competing as a team?

V: The camaraderie — we become a family. There is so much support and it really pushes everyone to become a better athlete. I love how close Regionals brings everyone!

G: Easy — the team. Competing on a team has helped me get really close to some awesome people out here. I moved out to California a year ago and was training alone for the most part. Now I have a group of training partners and friends that I am really close with!