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5 Warning Signs You’re Talking to the Wrong Nutritionist

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“You can’t out-work a crappy diet.” We all get to that point with our training, be it CrossFit®, bodybuilding, yoga or anything else and we don’t see the results in the mirror. At that point we realize it’s time to take our nutrition a little more seriously. So what do we do? We find a professional. But like in any industry, not all professionals are the right fit for you.

5 Warning Signs You Might be Talking to the Wrong Nutritionist

Cookie Cutter Programs

Every person is different. Maybe you aren’t a special snowflake like Mom and Dad always told you but you are different. Be it tastes, allergies, preferences, etc., you need something designed specifically for you, not a program that thousands of others are following. If your nutritionist doesn’t ask you about your goals, your habits, foods you love and foods you hate, you need to find someone that does.

Lack of Empathy

There is no need to baby someone but there is also no reason to be a drill sergeant. A good nutritionist should challenge you but also treat you with respect. We are all doing our best in any given moment and if your coach lacks empathy it’s a recipe (no pun intended) for disaster.

No Flexibility

Every diet needs some room for deviation. All egg whites and no chocolate make Jack a dull boy. If you are given the same foods every single day for the rest of your life you will go crazy. There has to be flexibility in both food choices and opportunities to let loose a little bit. You don’t want to be that weirdo at your friends’ wedding with a Tupperware of tilapia because your nutritionist won’t let you have some fun!

Wants You to Buy Supplements

Supplements play an important role in a well rounded nutrition program. From protein to fish oil, most diets need some sort of supplementation. However, we see this go wrong when your nutritionist is more focused on getting you to buy what they sell and then of course asking you to sell it for them, AKA network marketing. Like we said, supplementation is important. Just do your research and make sure what they are “prescribing” you is actually something you need.

Hard to Get in Touch With

Look, your nutritionist doesn’t have to have a “bat signal” so every time you see a piece of cake they are on call but they should be reasonably available. If it takes them longer than 24 hours to return a call or email, time to move on.

Nutrition is 80% or more of how we look, feel and perform. It’s important we find the right person to help us achieve our goals. There are so many qualified, helpful nutritionists out there — you just need to find the right one. As with any coach, you need to trust this person, be able to communicate well and rely on them.