Make Whey Wow — All About Our New PW1 Pure Whey Protein

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We’ve launched our new Body product line featuring PW1 Pure Whey Protein and CB3 Pure Carbs (US only).

PW1 pure whey protein gives you 20g of natural whey in every serving. Our whey is extremely pure and contains natural whey, a complete protein rich in essential amino acids. It’s minimally processed and thus has a naturally high content of leucine, an amino acid essential for rapid protein synthesis and a super-fast post-workout recovery.

Our New PW1 Pure Whey Protein

Make Strong Stronger

Proteins are the building blocks for your muscles. After a hard workout, you need protein to recover and rebuild the muscles you worked. PW1 is a pure, grass-fed whey protein for everyone who wants to maintain, tone and build their body stronger and leaner.

Stronger, Cleaner, Leaner

Choosing the right source of protein is essential. Puori whey is derived from milk from grass-fed pasture raised cows (US) and in the EU is organic (EU) — free from GMOs, hormone treatment, pesticides and chemicals. It has a naturally high content of the amino acid leucine that helps your body maintain and build muscle mass after you lift, run or workout.

The Puori Difference

It’s not easy to find a protein with a pure ingredient list but for PW1, it was our passion project. It’s sweetened with a little bit of coconut palm sugar which is low on the glycemic scale. Enjoy post-workout or as a meal blended with fresh fruits, shaken with coconut water or baked into your favorite protein recipes.

Three Distinct Flavors

PW1 comes in bourbon vanilla, dark chocolate and Nordic blackcurrant. Made with real vanilla bean, organic cocoa and Nordic blackcurrants, you can get your protein and enjoy it too. For Americans, blackcurrants haven’t been cultivated here in over 100 years but they are a berry with a fresh, earthy flavor. They taste great in a smoothie with fruits like bananas, berries or tropical fruit like mangos. If you’ve bought protein before, vanilla and chocolate are staple flavors but our bourbon vanilla and dark chocolate taste decadent without the artificial sweetness.

All of our proteins are sweetened with coconut palm sugar which is a natural sugar with low glycemic index — meaning it doesn’t impact your blood sugar as drastically as other sweeteners. You get the taste you like without the crash and burn.

Try PW1 today and pair it with CB3 pure carbs (CB3 only available in US).