The Puori Body Line is Now Available

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Today we are launching a new line of products called the Body Line: PW1 Pure Whey Protein and CB3 Pure Carbohydrates. If you were lucky enough to catch us at the CrossFit® Regionals, you may have gotten to try it. Our new whey protein comes in three flavors: dark chocolate, bourbon vanilla and Nordic blackcurrant. CB3 is unflavored.

Try the Puori Body Line Today

Make Pure Purer

The Body Line is made for those who are active — whether you lift, run, bike or just love a good HIIT workout. After exercise, you need to rebuild your muscles and protein and carbohydrates are your building blocks.

We heard from a lot of people that they’re a-ok with whey and wanted unique flavors. We also know that a lot of athletes are looking for quick carbs to speed up their recovery post-workout.

These two new products are made with pure origins in mind — in Europe, our whey is organic and in the US our whey is grass-fed, giving you a pure whey protein, flavored using real ingredients that give you 20g of protein per serving. Our carbs product is devoid of fillers and simple sugars — it’s made with organic sweet potato, organic oats and organic coconut sugar. You are what you eat and when you recover with the Body Line, you know you are eating real, pure ingredients.

Make Whey Wow

Puori Whey is derived from milk from grass-fed, pasture raised cows — and free from GMOs, hormone treatment, pesticides and other chemicals. It has a naturally high content of the amino acid leucine that helps your body maintain and build muscle mass after you lift, run or work out. Try PW1 in dark chocolate, bourbon vanilla or Nordic blackcurrant today.

Make Recovery Quicker

We carefully combined the best ingredients we could find from Mother Nature into a perfectly balanced, rapidly-absorbable, fiber-rich, post-workout carbs powder. Make recovery better with real, organic food sources of carbs. Try CB3 today (US only).