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Last-Minute 18.1 Tips From Christy Adkins

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Squeezing in one last attempt at 18.1? Every rep counts! Here are some helpful tips from Games competitor (and Puori athlete) Christy Adkins.

1. Know your toes-to-bars. If you can go unbroken for 20 minutes, then that’s what you should do. If you’re not sure, then try to make a reasonable estimate at what you could hold for 20 minutes. Do you think it’s 5/3, 4/4, 3/3/2, singles? It could be a great idea to start with that while trying to keep shorter rests between sets. If you are unsure, look back at your workout log for a recent couplet or triplet that included toes-to-bar. Reflect on how that went and how you might be able to use that experience to pick your best strategy for 18.1.

2. Strive to make the dumbbell a simple swing to your shoulder and a quick hip drive overhead. Catch under, then finish the push press/jerk from there. Watch out for too many biceps curls (18.1 is grippy enough!) and for no-reps from stray, non-working hands and soft lockouts.

3. If a 20-minute effort was a liiiittle bit longer time domain than you were hoping for, the good news is that this calorie count is pretty short each round. Be strong here, sit tall, relax your hands and push with your legs. You don’t have to rush, and you don’t have to suffer either. If you are used to pacing based on your average 500-meter pace, you can see that and calories on the same detailed display by changing the options on the erg.

4. The foot straps on the rower? Set them just loose enough that you can slide in and out without playing with the buckle. No wasted time playing around with getting your feet in. Get that wheel moving!

5. Hand protection is critical, so if there’s any chance you’ll tear, take some steps to stay injury-free. Also know the new rules about what you can use on your hands and what you can use on the bar.

Christy Adkins