Puori Welcomes Lauren Fisher

Puori is thrilled to welcome Lauren Fisher to our team of ambassadors. We caught up with her in January to get to know her a little better.

Lauren made a name for herself in the world of CrossFit® at a young age, confirming that it’s indeed nothing but a number. Not to be outdone by her three older brothers, at the age of 24, she’s already competed at the Games six times, as both an individual and part of a team.

She’s also well-known on the Olympic weightlifting scene, having finished in 2nd place at the 2013 USAW Junior National Weightlifting Championships and 1st place in 2014, plus being chosen Best Overall Lifter.

It’s not just Lauren’s athletic skills that inspire millions, though. Thanks to her positive, can-do attitude and healthy approach to life in general, she’s become a role model for women of all ages and walks of life.

We caught up with Lauren to learn a little more about her.

lauren fisher doing muscle-ups

Puori Talks With Lauren Fisher

Puori: How did you find your way into CrossFit®?

Lauren Fisher: I started CrossFit® in 2008. I had just graduated 8th grade and I was about to enter into my first year of high school. My two older brothers, Ryan and Garret, were doing it and they told me about their trainer, Vince Carter. I thought they were talking about the NBA basketball player, Vince Carter. I don’t know why I was so naive, but I later found it that it wasn’t him. 🙂

They took me to the gym one day and did my first workout, and I was hooked. I loved that feeling after you pushed yourself so hard in a workout and gave everything you got. I went on to do CrossFit® during my offseason for basketball as my supplemental training.

I then moved to San Diego for college and my CrossFit® career took off.

P: What does a typical training week look like for you?

LF: I train five days a week with two sessions a day. My first session I do around 9:00 a.m., and it’s usually around an hour to 90 minutes and is more cardio-based. I do running, rowing, assault bike, any aerobic work combined with some sort of gymnastics or accessory work.

lauren fisher olympic weightlifting

My second session starts at 1:00 p.m. and that will usually take me anywhere from two hours to 2.5 hours. So on average, I train around four hours a day. That session will have some lifting, a metcon, and finish again with accessory.

On my two off days, I consider one an active recovery day. On Thursday, I might either bike or swim, or I’ll just go on a hike. I prefer to swim in the pool, though, because I need to work on my swimming. Sundays are a full rest day and completely off from any sort of fitness.

P: Do you have a coach, and who organizes your programming?

LF: My coach is Tino Marini from CrossFit Invictus. He is CJ Martin’s right-hand man when it comes to programming for the competitive athletes at the gym. He knows all my strengths and weaknesses, so based on how I perform at the Games or any of the competitions during the season, we adjust my training to what I need to work on more.

P: How do you manage to keep your mind calm and focused during competitions?

LF: I’ve been competing now since 2012 and even though I’m only 24, I have a lot of experience when it comes to competing. I usually like to listen to music before I go out on the floor and visualize exactly how I’m going to perform the workout. I like to stay in my own little bubble and not worry what anyone else is doing while they’re warming up.

lauren fisher doing handstand walks

I’m also like anyone else though and I get nerves, but as soon as 3-2-1 hits, I know I’m ready to go!

P: What do you feel are your biggest weaknesses and strengths in CrossFit®?

LF: I don’t like to give away too much when it comes to my weaknesses, but I can tell you I strongly dislike rowing. (: For my strengths, I love deadlifts. One-rep max deadlifts, deadlifts in a workout, those are my jam. I’m also really strong at ring muscle-ups, thrusters, and double-unders.

P: What achievement are you most proud of in your life?

LF: I don’t think I can single out one achievement I’m most proud of in my life. I’m proud to say I graduated from San Diego State University two years ago with a degree in Business Marketing. I’m also proud that I’ve been to the CrossFit Games six years in a row, now going on seven. 🙂 And my highest place as an individual was 9th in 2014 at only 20 years old.

lauren fisher taking puori sb3

And lastly, I’m proud that at only 24 years old, I already have two businesses — Grown Strong and Arcadia Activ — which I’m trying to grow while also training full-time to be the best possible athlete in CrossFit®.

I’m very blessed in my life and grateful every day for everyone who supports me on my journey.

P: How did you first come across Puori?

LF: Funny fact: Puori was one of the first supplement brands that I truly fell in love with. I’m big on making sure I put the cleanest and healthiest food in my body, and that’s even more important with the supplements.

Puori offers that and more and I’m lucky to be able to work with them.

P: Why did you decide to become a Puori ambassador?

LF: I only represent companies that I truly believe in and take their product every day, and it was an easy decision when it comes to representing Puori. They were voted for having one of the cleanest supplements in the market and on top of that, it tastes really good.

lauren fisher taking puori protein

I also love how they were founded in Denmark because my boyfriend is from Denmark, so it’s nice to visit the headquarters when we’re in Copenhagen.

P: What is your favorite Puori product and why?

LF: That’s a tough decision! 🙂 The product I use the most is the Vanilla PW1 Pure Whey Protein powder. I simply love the taste. It reminds me of drinking a milkshake. But if I really had to choose a favorite product, I would choose the Synbiotics SB3 Probiotics and Prebiotics. It’s something not many companies offer and it’s the perfect blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and vitamin C. I eat it like a pixie stick. It tastes like candy to me. 🙂

P: How do you maintain balance in your life?

LF: I think the easiest way for me to have balance is to remember to have a life outside of training. I love hanging out with my family and enjoying downtime with my boyfriend. We enjoy going to the movies, and every weekend, we like to eat a lot more loosely with our macros, so we enjoy eating out and getting our sugar cravings out by cheating on some sort of dessert.

lauren fisher weightlifting

As soon as Monday hits, we get back on track.

P: What role does supplementation play in your daily life?

LF: Supplementation plays a huge role in my life. I get my blood panels taken regularly so I know what I’m deficient in, and supplements are great way to help me hit all my numbers and give me that extra edge in my performance.

Supplements like protein are the easiest and fastest way to help your muscles recover. And then at night, I always make sure to take my Puori fish oil, magnesium, and vitamin D. Even though I live in San Diego, I’m still deficient in vitamin D. Actually, a lot of people are and they don’t realize it, which is why it’s so important to add supplements into your daily routine.

P: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

LF: One thing people don’t know about me is that I’m a big baker. I wanted to own my own pastry bakery when I was younger. I love making desserts, and pie is my specialty during Thanksgiving. I make them all homemade. 🙂

lauren fisher post-workout

P: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

LF: Sweet, hardworking, competitive.

P: What book would you recommend that everyone should read?

LF: I would recommend the book Relentless by Tim Grover. It’s an easy read and great for those who are trying to compete at the highest level. There are so many great lessons you can carry over into your own life, one being, “Be unstoppable at anything you set your mind to do,” and, “Why settle for anything less than excellence?”